A new ranking came out listing the top-ranked haunted states in America and to no surprise Missouri made the top ten list.

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From Lemp Mansion to a state penitentiary, and haunted houses it is really no surprise that Missouri is considered one of the most haunted states in America. Thrillest thinks so too, according to them Missouri ranks 6 out of 10 when it comes to the most haunted.

The Show-Me State has over 840,000 searches for haunted places, 25 Spirit Halloween Stores, 63 (known) haunted houses, and on average gets a 4.5 rating for average haunted house rating.

What is the Most Haunted Location?

They go on to say that Ravenswood (mansion in the town) in Bunceton, Missouri is one of the most haunted places to visit. Have you heard of this place? Until today I sure of heck haven't, but it seems if you're looking for the scariest place to visit this spooky season in the Show-Me State looks like you need to head to Bunceton.

Ravenswood was built in 1880 by a wealthy couple and is massive with 25-plus rooms and thousands of acres. The wife (Nadine) died at 90 in the house and since then there have been reports of doors locking from inside (especially in Nadine's room). There have also been reports of Christmas ornaments being thrown, music and laughter have been heard, and some have even seen lanterns in trees. Yeah, I would say this place is a bit haunted.

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