My dad always taught me when roads are slick, assume oncoming traffic may come right at you. That has saved me more than once. A Midwestern mom showed quick thinking in a similar situation that likely saved her family's lives and that of the other driver, too.

This just-shared video recounts a chilling accident in Wisconsin a winter or two ago. Here's how the husband described what happened:

My wife was driving to work, a kid coming the other way was playing around on the road, with bald tires and lost control, resulting in this. They hit the van so hard, the gas tank strap broke and the gas tank fell out.

Watch the oncoming car carefully. This mom was obviously paying very close attention and her adjustment probably saved her and her kids and the other driver from serious injuries.

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The accident was serious enough as it is. If you collide hard enough to knock a gas tank loose, you've been in a major accident. However, it could have been the front of the family's car hitting the passenger side of the sliding oncoming vehicle which would not have ended well for any involved.

Having that defensive mindset as we get closer to the winter driving months is a necessity you hope you never have to take advantage of.

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