Do you believe Quincy deserves roundabouts? There's a movement that does and I have found the website that proves it.

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Have you heard of Team Roundabout? They share some data I've heard before about 90% fewer fatalities, 75% fewer injuries, etc. They did bring up one point I've never thought of before though. Their site mentions roundabouts save electricity and aren't affected by power outages. #TheMoreYouKnow

My problem and concern about roundabouts involves educating the public on lane usage, entrance, exit, etc. Team Roundabout to the rescue with this fun and educational video shared from roundabout fans in Wisconsin. Surprisingly, no cheese is used in this roundabout video.

It seems like the Illinois Department of Transportation are roundabout fans, too. Their public service website is full of all kinds of facts about how going round and round is wonderful. It is a math fact that a roundabout changes a 4 way stop from having 32 conflict points to just 8.

What do you think? Does 48th and State need a roundabout? What about some of the other traffic problem chokepoints in our area? If you're a fan of roundabouts, Team Roundabout makes it easy to add your name to their website (and movement?).

Don't be square. Be round. See what we did there?

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