Once a beautiful home that has been used for shows for MTV and HBO not sits abandoned and decay has taken over.

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The word mega to describe this house is sub-par, the house comes with a full-court indoor basketball court, indoor pool, movie theatre, indoor bowling alley, and a mini-golf course. The house might look familiar, it has been used for movies and tv shows for MTV and HBO.

According to the explorers, this mansion was constructed by a man who had money, too much he could handle. He built this home with no problem but didn't take into effect how much the upkeep of the home would take and it because too much for him, and no one seemed interested in taking over the mortgage. That's when MTV and HBO came in and used the home for a few TV shows and movies, but once those contracts were up the house remained emptied and now sits vacant.

YouTube / Dark Exploration Films

The basketball court which is names "The DogGone Arena" is decorated with some of the biggest school decals in American. The previous owner must have loves these schools enough to have the whole court decorated with the logos.

YouTube / Dark Exploration Films

Here's the indoor waterslide that takes you to the indoor pool area. Just think of the winter nights you can watch the snow fall and take a ride down a water slide. That would have been awesome to expereince.

YouTube / Dark Exploration Films

Even the jacuzzi has a waterslide to take you right into the pool. I would hate to see what that water looks like underneath the pool cover.

YouTube / Dark Exploration Films

The bowling alley is just off of the pool area, you would never have to leave this house, it has everything to keep you entertained.

YouTube / Dark Exploration Films

The movie theatre sits 12 people and is covered with dust, you have to wonder what year did the house close its doors for good.

I don't know what shows or movies this house was in. Could be some sort of The Real World house or something like that, but today it just sits covered with mold waiting for someone to buy it up and either fix it or tear it down.

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