Talk about a ghost town. Explorers found a town with 150 homes just left with nearly everything behind and it is like something out of a scary movie.

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Usually, when you see a ghost town it's a town that was abandoned in the 1800s and is used for tours and education of the Wild Wild West. That's not this town. The endless rows of housing units and overgrown grass makes this neighborhood a little uneasy to explore.


In the video, we find out that the town became vacant in 2017. I am sure you're thinking wait, 2017? Yes, supposedly the explorers find out that the town had everyone grab what they could and leave due to defective drainage and plumbing problem that could not be fixed.


The problem was so bad for living conditions, but there were reports of heavy violence in the town (more shootings were taken place) that the town politicians just decided to have everyone vacate the town and just leave it as is. Completely weird story. How can you just abandon an entire town? The property was bought in 2018 with the hope to bring the town back to life, but all efforts to make that happen fell through, and now the 150+ homes just sit and let Mother Nature destroy everything that is left behind.

I wonder if the neighborhood gave the residents a deadline (and a quick one at that) where they needed to be out by and had no time to grab their belongings. I can't imagine getting that notice.


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