You know what's better than bacon? Free bacon. And McDonald's knows this. So for one hour only on Tuesday (January 29), McDonald's will be giving away free bacon on practically everything they serve.

No it's not International Bacon Day (but it might as well be), but McDonald's will be giving away one free piece of bacon tomorrow at their locations during "Bacon Hour" from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. All three Quincy locations as well as the Hannibal location will be taking part in the promotion. Any purchase equals free bacon.

I mean the possibilities are endless. Order a McFlurry, get bacon. Order a Filet-O-Fish, get bacon. Apple pie, bacon. Big Mac bacon. Chicken McNuggets bacon. BACON BACON BACON!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images


You KNOW he approves.

Remember, the promotion only runs for one hour, so plan accordingly.