I'm sure, every day, you see a "Vehicle For Sale" ad pop up in your news feed. And it's usually just generic color, age, miles, make/model, etc. Really boring, straightforward, plain stuff. Nothing eye catching besides the pictures. But once in a great while, a guy like Karl shows up:

She's silver, she's slick and she can be yours. Wife's daily driver until a burnt orange Wrangler seduced her. Absolutely nothing wrong with her, she just don't light the wife's fire like her new jacked up ride. Very reliable. I'd hop in her tomorrow and go to California tomorrow if I had a reason to go to California. Maybe you do. Or maybe you just need a dependable work vehicle or that brat kid of yours finally kicked his meth habit and you want to reward him. Or maybe your wife won't stop bitching about her wore out minivan and how you don't satisfy her womanly needs anymore and why can't you be more like John next door who's wife Cindy is always bragging about how her cares more about pleasing her than worrying about his own satisfaction and all you can think of is if your ass was half as nice as Cindy's I'd care about your needs too. Buy her this beautiful piece of American automotive offroad excellence and she'll shut up. For a while. OK, no guarantees on that but she will have dependable, solid transportation that will get her through the snow and ice like no minivan ever could. 4 wheel drive is fulltime and is there even when you're too stupid to know you need it.
No trades.
No payments.
No bitching about a couple minor scratches. Want a new one? They're 10 times the price.
First come first serve. Your delayed check from your baby daddy's ex mother in law's disability check is not my concern.

Aaaaand go........


Gotta hand it to him, man knows how to grab your attention and sell you that Jeep. If I hadn't just bought one, I'd buy this Jeep. If you want to buy it, better make him an offer, last I checked it was still available!


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