Ever since I was a kid watching Cheers, part of me wanted to run a bar. But I also watched WKRP in Cincinnati, and became a DJ instead. I guess it's a good thing Dexter wasn't on when I was a kid... Anyway, I even went to bartending school, got the certificate and everything. So I know how to mix and pour drinks. I just need a bar to do it in. And I'd prefer it to be my own. HEY! Look at this, a bar is for sale.

That's the old Wooden Rabbit, or 515 Martini if you visited on this day last year. And as you remember it, The Wooden Rabbit closed down abruptly the end of May, after maybe four months in business? After it took over for 515 Martini which closed at the end of the last year. And since then the building has sat empty. It's about time for Brodie to move in and work his bartending magic. And probably stop talking in the third person, no one likes that. I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

Here's what I'd do with it. I wouldn't change MUCH, but I'd definitely give it a Cheers-esque makeover. That just seemed like the kind of bar to hang out in and have a chill time. When wacky, sitcom shenanigans weren't going on, obviously. But you could really hang out, have conversations, and just unwind at the end of the day at Cheers. Just a good, chill atmosphere.

I like beer, so I'd try for a wide selection of beers, from the standard big names, to small craft beers. I'd keep a well stocked selection of wine, and definitely the right assortment of liquors and liqueurs. I guess what it all comes down to is I'd go classic British tavern or public house (aka a pub). That sort of motif. I'd have space for live music, and there would be a jukebox for off-hours, but it wouldn't be loud, just enough to set the mood.

I'd work at setting up at least a small kitchen area to have a selection of appetizer type foods, but no serious meals. Maybe some soups and stews in the winter.

But what about the upstairs. There's some office space on the second floor, and the opportunities are endless on the third. But what I'd really like to do is open them up as small screening rooms for independent and foreign cinema. When I leaved near Columbia, I popped down to the Rag Tag Cinema a lot when I was in desperate need of a film that wasn't superheroes (much as I like those films). So I'd like to fashion that building on that sort of model.

So I guess what I'd need is about half a million to purchase and renovate? Maybe a bit more depending on the renovation costs of the upper floors. I could totally swing that! If I won that $522million lotto the other day. Maybe I'll try again with the Powerball $147million lotto.

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