Looks like Quincy will be getting another Mexican restaurant soon.

A sign posted outside of the former Rizzo's Pizza location (340 S. 36th Street) is advertising that a restaurant called Los Molcajetes will be opening soon. The sign states that this will be an "authentic Mexican restaurant". No word yet on an opening date, but we'll keep our eyes open!

For those of you wondering (as I was), a "molcajete" is the Mexican equivalent of a mortar and pestle and is used in cooking to grind ingredients.

By my count, this will make ten Mexican style restaurants in Quincy (if you include fast food as well, that is):

  1. Taco Bell (2 locations)
  2. El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant
  3. Mi Jalepeno Mexican Restaurant
  4. Maya Mexican Restaurant
  5. Tacos Ink
  6. Qdoba
  7. The Loncher Randas Taco Truck
  8. Gem City Pizzeria
  9. Tower Pizza & Mexican

Rizzo's Pizza closed in 2016 the building has been vacant ever since. Prior, the building was home to Firehouse Pizza.