The Quincy Community Theater puts on several shows throughout the year, and they are putting a different spin on their upcoming show. QCT and Quincy University are teaming up to bring a new experience on their new production of Disney's Tarzan .

As Quincy Community Theater gears up for their first major production of the year, its a reminder that they is no need to travel outside of the Tri-States to get family entertainment. QCT's production of Disney's Tarzan will run February 9th thru the 12th, but get tickets know as this show to slated to sell out. The play is based on the animated film, and will include several Phil Collins songs from the movie.

This, however, is a unique performance that will make this play even more spectacular. QCT has teamed up with Quincy University's Interpreter Training Program to included American sign language into the show. Some characters will use sign language to communicate while actors speak their lines, and others will speak their lines while sign language is being performed. Its a way for all audience members to enjoy the show together. This will be the first time Quincy Community Theater will have incorporated sign language into a show.

members of Quincy Community Theater and QU stopped by the Y101 studio earlier this week to talk about the uniqueness of the play

To get more information about the show and to buy tickets log on to


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