Day trips are the best. You don't have to get a hotel, you can get up early, drive, visit, and drive back. There's one very popular landmark in Quincy that was just named the best place for a day trip it's a historical fixture in Quincy.

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Right in our backyard sits a majestic castle overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River, and just named it the best day trip to take. The Villa Katherine is a staple in Quincy. From amazing views, lots of room for weddings and receptions, and a very entering history this castle was named one of the best landmark places to visit for a day trip.

Illinois native W. George Metz was inspired by Mediterranean architecture and helped create that famous Quincy landmark.

Built back in the year 1900, this spectacular home once belonged to Illinois native, W. George Metz. The castle switched ownership over the years, and it eventually fell into ruin before being saved in the 1970s on the basis of its history and grand interior.


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Other day trips the website suggests include the Aeries Resort & Winery in Grafton, the Aikman Wildlife Adventure in Arcola, Navoo, and many others. So when you're sitting on the couch and not wanting to watch TV anymore think about heading to one of these places for the day to experience something new and different.

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