Not the best news Missourians want to see as we are in the coldest week of winter so far.

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A new list from 24/7 Wallet ranks four Missouri cities as the most expensive cities to heat homes in the winter. Kansas City, St. Joesph, Independence, and Springfile (coming in at number one) all rank in the top ten of the cities with the highest heating costs.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the 46% of American households that use natural gas will probably end up paying less, as gas prices will most likely be lower than they were last winter. Electric and propane prices will remain approximately the same, while the cost of heating oil will jump from $1,720 to $1,851.


Why is Missouri Number One?

I had to look at this list twice, how could Missouri be number one over Buffalo or Fargo? Well, according to the study done by 24/7 Wallet, Missouri ranks extremely low in Lack of Energy Efficiency, Cost Inflators, and Overall Energy Cost. It's fair to say someone has to find a better way for Missouri to heat their homes without breaking the bank.

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However, we are ALL in for a bit of a shock when we receive our heating bills for January next month. Start saving what you can now because we are all going to be hit hard with massive bills.

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