Swimming is a necessary skill in this day and age. Let's say you're in a body of water, and all of a sudden a large aquatic predator starts making a beeline for you. Like... a shark or an alligator or a Michael Phelps.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 5
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The deadliest creature in the Seven Seas

All of them equally scary. The water is their natural habitat, so you're pretty much screwed. We are terrestrial mammals. Biologically speaking, we have no business being in the water. We did not evolve for that. But if you want to give yourself a somewhat fighting chance, or if you just want to splash around the city pool for a while, you've got to learn to swim. Pools tend to have significantly smaller populations of sharks and alligators than a lake or the ocean. And that's where Hannibal Parks and Recreation and the Aquatic Center come in.

They're hosting three sessions of swim classes in June and July for kids aged four and older. June's session is a two-week evening session running Monday through Thursday, the 11th through the 21st, while the two July sessions are a morning session and an evening session, both running Monday through Thursday the 9th through the 19th. Cost is just $40 per student.

A modest fee to teach kids how to out swim the Kraken, if I do say so myself. For more information, or to sign up, visit the Hannibal Parks & Rec website. Registration is limited, so register soon. Bonus, if you get the kid into the June session, they'll be done in time to take the Mermaid class!

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