The Earth doesn’t care about daily temperatures. It doesn’t consider a cold winter a game-changer. Even an extra-warm summer is just a blip on the screen in the larger scheme of things happening in the planet. Climate change is warming our planets with dangerous consequences, regardless of short-term weather patterns.

Climate change doesn’t care about what political party you belong to. It doesn’t care whether you’re a believer in global warming. Evidence shows, and most reputable scientists agree, that the temperature of the Earth is stuck in a warming period that affects our ecosystem in ways we can’t even imagine. Yes, the polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. Those are the most obvious impacts, but rising temperatures cause plagues of insects, increased disease, decreased agriculture production, and it even aggravates allergies.

The Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department is addressing this environmental crisis in a nature program called, “Climate Change: What Is It?” Nature Educator Gale Rublee will present the seminar at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, April 25 at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center

“Throughout our time here on Earth, the climate has changed,” Rublee said. “These changes happen over millions and thousands of years or sometimes suddenly like when meteors hit the earth or volcanos erupt. There is plenty of scientific evidence that what is causing the current changes in climate are due to the effect humans have had on the environment since the Industrial Revolution. One of our greatest attributes as human beings is our ability to adapt. This, is what we must continue to do."

The Admiral Coontz Recreation Center provides plenty of space for social distancing, so reservations for this nature program is not necessary.

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