Most of you will be eating the "normal" St. Patrick's Day food, but here are a few ideas for the parents out there looking to celebrate the holiday with the kids. Making St. Patrick's Day-themed food for kids is the best.

Before the parade on Saturday, I will make my famous green pancakes for the kiddos and maybe some green eggs too. For lunch we'll be cheating a little and having our green mint brownie. And for dinner? Well, I haven't decided yet...but it'll definitely be green!

I'm very big on going all out when it comes to green food on St. Patrick's Day. In the past, I've made mint Oreo cheesecake, green velvet cupcakes, and even green mac-n-cheese (which is one of my girls' favorite green dishes). But the most popular St. Patrick's food I make is St. Patrick's Popcorn. And the best part? It's super easy.

To make St. Patrick's Popcorn, simply pop up a batch of your favorite popcorn, add green sprinkles, all the green marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms (that part takes a while), and green M&M's. Mix it all together and you're all set! Then you can enjoy a tasty and festive snack, turn on a favorite movie, and have a fun family night in.

And as always, check out Pinterest for some other amazing St. Patrick's Day ideas.