Did you wake up today with a need to see penguins? I can help you with that. Well, technically it's the Kansas City Zoo that you need to thank.

The Kansas City Zoo is a wonderous place. Other than the St. Louis Zoo, I don't know of a better place to visit. In case you weren't aware, they make penguin watching possible without even visiting the zoo thanks to the "penguin cam". Here's their YouTube description:

Welcome to the KC Zoo 4K Penguin Cam! Be sure to click the settings button on the YouTube player and switch to 4K for the highest quality. Due to moderation issues, we are suspending chat indefinitely.

Now I'm wondering what people were saying in the chat about penguins...inquiring minds want to know.

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The beauty of this online cam is it's live even when the zoo is closed. The other night around 11pm, my wife and I decided we needed penguins. (We live a wild life) They were there waddling around. Winning.

As PBS shared, penguins need a habitat like this where water is always available. They sometimes spend months at sea just like tiny sailors.

I love organizations like the Kansas City Zoo that make experiences like this possible. Penguins are fun to watch and always seem to be up to mischief in their tiny tuxedos. One of the best online cams on the net in my opinion.

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