One of the biggest travel websites in the world just released its list of the places that you need to travel to in the US in 2023 and Kansas City is on the list! Check out the details on why you need to make the trip to KC next year.

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According to the travel website Conde Nast, Kansas City, Missouri belongs on the list of the 23 Best Places to Go in the U.S. in 2023.  Kansas City is on the list with places like Las Vegas, Macon (Georgia), Memphis, Northern Michigan, and San Antonio.

Why does Kansas City make this important travel list? On the site they say...

"Kansas City has long been a major hub of the Midwest, but coastal dwellers should really start taking note. While the city is already garnering the attention of sports fans around the world—it’s hosting the NFL Draft in April 2023, and was chosen as one of the host cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup—there are plenty more cool openings on the near horizon."

The site goes on to mention how Kansas City has had a bunch of boutique hotels open in the past couple of years, and the Kansas City Airport has finally finished a massive expansion and renovation. To read more about why you should travel to Kansas City in 2023, and where else you need to explore just click here!

Everything that Conde Nast says is spot on, and they don't even mention all the great BBQ food joints to check out as well. Kansas City is quickly growing as a destination as compared to a place you just travel through.

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