It's Judgment Day for me.  No, the Terminator has not found me because it learned that I will lead the resistance when the machines take over.  (Our on-air computer has already tried today)  No, Judgment Day for me is an ultrasound machine that will tell me if my next child is gonna watch Young & The Restless or NASCAR.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams with great kids.  Most children have enough challenges to face in this world we live in.  Most kids don't have to tolerate their father saying really stupid things on the radio (and on Facebook).  Unfortunately, my offspring do.

The little one that is on the way will be number six.  Yes, that's right.  I am officially the Hannibal version of the Brady Bunch.

Obviously, ultrasounds are a serious matter. The health of momma and baby being foremost in importance.  But, Lord willing that everything is good on that front, there is the matter of the control of the TV remote by gender.  At the moment, the males in our tribe are the majority.  If the new little one happens to be a girl, well that's a game changer.

So, please understand, if I'm a little on edge today, there is a reason.  For you, this may just be a regular Wednesday.  For me though, it's Judgment Day.  And, I can already hear the Terminator's footsteps coming down the hall...