If you really just gotta have the best burger possible and you don't want to travel far to get it, "experts" say that the best you're gonna find in Missouri is inside a St. Louis burger bar.

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This is a brand new burger ranking by Business Insider. For each state, they named the #1 burger and for Missouri, it's Stacked Burger in St. Louis.

What's so epic about Stacked Burger in St. Louis? It's the fact that their burger bar allows you to build your own favorite monster burger creation.

The official Stacked St. Louis website shows that Chef Laura has her own recipes, but I'm still more than a little obsessed with the "make your own burger" bar concept. How much bacon do they provide on that burger bar? Asking for a friend.

My biggest question is how have I lived in Missouri and Illinois for a majority of my life and not heard of Stacked Burger? I don't have a good answer. Their address is 7637 Ivory Rd 63111 in the big city. I'm apparently very late to this burger party as multiple sites and channels included Stacked in their "best of" lists.

The Business Insider list is full of great burger options if you travel across America. It's cool that Missouri is now known for a burger option you make yourself.

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