How many of us have gone to Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri for a weekend only to drive home late at night? That was the story of two Missouri guys who encountered something they can't explain on a remote highway when they were on their way home.

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This strange tale was told to YouTube channel Planet 412 a couple weeks ago. While I recommend listening to their telling of the account, I'll give you the short version of what two Missouri men say happened late one night on a deserted rural Missouri highway.

They went to Six Flags in St. Louis during the day and headed south toward their home in Park Hills, Missouri. They decided to take what they thought would be a shortcut on one of the many rural highways along that route. This is the approximate area where the strange encounter began.

St. Louis, Missouri to Park Hills, Missouri.
Google Maps Satellite View

They were driving along this highway which had trees and woods on both sides. This is what it looks like during the daytime.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The two Missouri guys were driving along this highway when they saw what they believed was a man standing in the middle of the highway. They slowed down and as they approached, they noticed that it did not appear to be a man...but something else. What they thought was rust-colored clothing from head-to-toe now appeared to be...fur or skin. This wasn't a man. It was...something else.

They decided they would just hastily move over and pass by whatever it was when they saw the creature was not alone...more of whatever that was were in the woods.

"As we approached the area where this person stood near the power lines crossing overhead, we realized they weren't alone..."

It was then that they started hearing sounds.

"It sounded like a series of clicks, growls, grunts and maybe was maybe animalistic in nature".

As they passed by the creatures, one looked like a mammal and the other almost reptilian. It was a strange sight that caused them to hurry on down the highway and get back to civilization as fast as possible.

They didn't sleep much that night once they finally arrived home. What did these two Missouri men encounter late night on that remote rural highway? They don't know. All they know is that they'll likely never veer off the interstate again once the sun goes down.

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