If you have a dog that loves to go for car rides and you live in Illinois, there is a new law being debated that could drastically change the way you drive around with your dog. Here are the details of the law the state could be passing...

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According to NBC Chicago, lawmakers in Illinois are proposing a new law called HB 2910 that would BAN pets from being on your lap when you are driving. In the article, they explain...

"HB 2910 would amend Illinois’ vehicle code to prohibit drivers in passenger vehicles from holding animals in their lap while operating the vehicle. A person who violates the law would be subject to a fine of $50. Exemptions are written into the law for farmers operating machinery and select other instances."

Now, this is just a bill and has yet to be voted on officially, but the new general assembly will have the chance to discuss this bill.

I have some thoughts on this proposed bill, first, do they have stats helping their case? Meaning, what are the statistics on car accidents in Illinois, or around the country, that you can DIRECTLY attribute to a pet being on a driver's lap? Second, I am glad they made exemptions for farmers, they deserve the exemption, but what exactly are the other "instances"? And third, is this just one of those things where the state is just trying to write more tickets and bring in more revenue? Seems like an easy way for cops to pull you over and get a quick $50 bucks from the driver and maybe more depending on what else they find when they pull you over. What are your thoughts on this possible new law in the Land of Lincoln?

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