If your dream wedding involves a big city, skyscrapers, and fancy ballrooms, then this will be of no interest to you. Because the best place to get married in Missouri involves a beautiful barn, horses, and mother nature!

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Congrats to Von Holten Ranch on being named the Best Place to Get Married in 2023 from Missouri's Best Awards! Von Holton Ranch is a family-owned farm for over 100 years located in Mora, Missouri, which is just south of Sedalia. So what makes Von Holten Ranch the best place to get married in the Show-Me State? On their site they say...

"Escape to the past at Von Holten Ranch in the "Gateway to the Ozarks." The ranch is just shy of 300 acres of scenic horse trails nestled in the heart of Missouri. Von Holten Ranch is the complete stop for your weekend getaway with creek crossings, timber, and well marked trails...When someone says they are searching for a rustic wedding venue, rustic wedding barn, or wanting to have a country wedding, they have come to the right place."

They offer tons of different wedding packages, there is the Country Classic (a one-day rental), the Missouri Two Step (a two-day rental), The Rodeo Queen Experience (a 3-day rental), and The Whole Enchilada where you get the entire ranch for 3 days making it completely private. The scenery is beautiful, and the venue is perfect for a barn rustic vibe, BUT what makes them the best? Probably the price, The Whole Enchilada package is only $5,500... To see pictures and learn more check out the website by clicking here!

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