The world has always been a dangerous place, but many think we're about to reach a breaking point. New nuclear threats that have been directed at targets in Missouri have led more to pursue different levels of doomsday prepping and their numbers are growing.

Tensions escalated a couple weeks ago when Vladimir Putin's made direct threats to 14 American targets during his address to the Russian people. One of those top first-strike targets was Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri due to the presence of America's stealth bombers there. The Sun included Missouri in its Russian target list, too.

That dire warning caused many to start gathering supplies in the event of a worst-case scenario and said that Missouri is one of the top states in America for getting ready for a doomsday outcome.

But, how prepared is Missouri for a potential nuclear attack?

Bonus Finder had a disturbing report saying that while many in Missouri have started getting supplies, most in the state are not even close to ready showing Missouri with only 37.39% of Missourians having any supplies put away above and beyond their regular needs.

Infographic, Bonus Finder
Infographic, Bonus Finder

What are Missourians gathering supplies of?

Bonus Finder said that water, warm clothing, food and toilet paper top the list for doomsday preppers. One interesting thing of note is that only 25% think that World War 3 will bring about doomsday. The biggest percentage think that climate change or a natural catastrophe is more likely to bring about and end times scenario.

Many argue that preparation is a great idea even if Russia is bluffing about a nuclear attack. Having extra supplies can save your life if a serious tornado hits Missouri or a major earthquake.

Of all the states in America, Missouri is also considered one of the top states for preppers by Surviving Revelations. It's favored because of long growing seasons, many rivers for water and transportation and large areas that are not near cities which would be unsafe during civil unrest. The downsides are the many tornadoes and potential flooding in some areas during Spring and summer.

Missouri remains one of the top states for doomsday preppers and new threats from Russia are only increasing the numbers in the state getting ready.

Missouri Property Hiding a 10,000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker

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