If you are a boat owner, I have some of the worst news you'd ever want to hear especially just prior to Memorial Day Weekend. The Missouri Highway Patrol says boat thefts are alarmingly on the rise.

As soon as I saw KY3 in Springfield, Missouri share a video about boat owners beware, I knew this was not gonna be good news. They say the Missouri Highway Patrol are alerting those with watercraft that their prized watery possessions are perhaps in jeopardy.

I decided to go straight to the source and find out how Missouri boat owners can prevent their property from being lifted. The Missouri Highway Patrol mentions 3 key factors when it comes to what thieves look for (and avoid) when it comes to stealing boats in the state: Time, Noise and Visibility.

They advise Missouri boat owners to think like a thief (an odd recommendation from law enforcement admittedly). The Missouri Highway Patrol says to moor your boat in a visible area and don't leave valuables onboard. They also say to put your identification on everything that's reasonable. Taking pictures of your property is also helpful in the event that a theft occurs later.

It's also a good idea according to their recommendations to remove small outboard motors if they won't be used frequently or apply a motor lock to make life more difficult for anyone wanting to steal it for themselves.

Check out the full recommendations from the Missouri Highway Patrol for more things you can do to prevent boat theft.

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