There are multiple reports that KFC's in Missouri and perhaps even other states have removed a fan favorite, but there are conflicting reports. It's a real fast food Show Me State mystery.

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When I was a kid, it was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now, the cool kids call it KFC. They have done chicken for a long time in a lot of different varieties. There has been an uproar after reports surfaced saying that KFC had removed a fan favorite as the calendar flipped to 2024.

What menu item did KFC in Missouri reportedly remove?

I first saw this conversation raging on Reddit. It involved KFC deciding to remove popcorn chicken from their menu? Say it ain't so. That led me to an investigation including my own personal vision quest to obtain popcorn chicken from KFC to prove the reports wrong. Here's what I found.

I began with my own search of a Missouri KFC location and went to their menu and searched for "Popcorn Chicken". Here's the result:

Refusing to accept this sad popcorn chicken fate, I did some more digging and found a report from Business Shortage saying the demise of popcorn chicken cannot be confirmed by KFC. They quoted the company saying "The company emphasizes its commitment to customer favorites and assures patrons that any changes to the menu are part of a broader strategy to enhance the overall dining experience.". That sounds like a politician answer to a question they're dodging.

As Tasting Table mentioned, popcorn chicken is still in the bowls that KFC offers, but why not available on their own now (apparently)?

Some Reddit users claim they obtained popcorn chicken from KFC's just days ago and even some workers say they have them at their location. So, is it just the one I investigated in Missouri? The mystery deepens...

Inquiring minds want to know. Is KFC popcorn chicken gone or not? The truth is out there.

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