Huge news for growth in the Show-Me State, a multi-billion dollar company has announced it is leaving California and bringing its worldwide headquarters to Missouri. Where in Missouri are they headed?

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According to KSDK, a Fortune 1000 company is moving its corporate headquarters from California to Missouri. In the article on KSDK's site, they say...

"A $4 billion publicly traded California company led by a familiar local face is moving its headquarters to St. Louis. Advantage Solutions, led by former Anheuser-Busch and Schnuck Markets executive Dave Peacock, on Tuesday announced plans to relocate its main corporate office from Irvine, California, to Clayton. The advertising services company, which provides outsourced sales and marketing solutions to consumer goods companies and retailers..."

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What a win for St. Louis and the state of Missouri! This is the second company in the last month that has announced they are moving their headquarters to the St. Louis area, read about the other company here!

I will say that this is a trend that I fully expect to keep happening. Why wouldn't you consider moving out of the expensive areas of this country like New York and California and come to the much more affordable St. Louis area? The article says this company, Advantage Solutions, has a ton of business on the East Coast, it is way easier to get to the East Coast from St. Louis compared to California, so being centrally located is a huge advantage for the St. Louis area besides being more affordable. Do you believe more companies will continue to move to the St. Louis area?

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