Do you like a challenge? Do you consider yourself a pizza person? One of the largest delivery pizzas in the world happens to be in St. Louis and it also comes with a challenge that could pay you big time.

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Have you heard of Pointer’s Pizza’s 28″ Pointersaurus Pizza Challenge? It's comes from a pizza place in the big city located at 1023 S Big Bend Blvd in St. Louis, Missouri. Food Challenges lists the rules for what it takes to beat this challenge and get 500 bucks:

  • Two people must consumer the ENTIRE pizza in ONE HOUR without leaving the customer area at Pointer’s
  • The pizza must have any combination of TWO meat toppings or FOUR vegetable toppings
  •  ALL crusts and toppings must be swallowed ENTIRELY for the contest to be ruled complete

A couple of YouTubers, Raina and Blaine, recently took on this St. Louis pizza challenge.

Think you're up to a 28 inch pizza challenge? Before you answer an emphatic yes, here are some things to consider.

#1 - Your health - Think most people would agree inhaling this much food in one sitting is at least marginally dangerous and not healthy.

#2 - Repeat #1 over and over again

I'm not saying don't attempt it. I'm saying make sure you think through all of the dangers (including choking) of trying to eat this much pizza in this short of a time. There's a reason why Raina and Blaine had to sign waivers before they tackled this.

I'm not gonna lie and say watching food challenges like this aren't entertaining. They are and that's why people share videos of the attempts. Make sure to check out all the rules on the Pointer's Pizza website before you take a swing at this monster pizza task.

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