The fact that I did not complete my college education should probably disqualify me from commenting on this, but I'm not going to allow that actual fact to stop me. Illinois has been accused of having the worst college in America to avoid at all costs and I have to see if it's true.

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Whenever I see something outrageous like this, I check several things. #1 - Is it recent. #2 - Did they use real science or at least something close? I can answer yes to both of those things in regards to something Money Inc did just a few months ago. They rattled off what they are convinced are the 20 worst colleges in America.

Here is the exact criteria they used to determine their list:

  • Graduation rates: How many students are graduating based on enrollment numbers
  • Student reviews: What students have to say about the university
  • Student debt: A look at the cost of tuition, how much debt students have, and whether there is financial aid offered to the majority of students

With all the numbers crunched, the #1 (yes at the very top of their list) worst college in America is in Illinois. They say it's DeVry University. I must confess I was/am shocked.

What's wrong with DeVry? Well, they listed some things I did not know including a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission over what they led students to believe about jobs after graduation. They also don't seem to be fans of the borrowing rates and how many graduates (or not) they have.

Again, this is not my opinion. I'm the non-college graduate, remember? Check out the Money Inc article for more reasons why they believe Illinois has the college to avoid at all costs.

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