Does winter make your city better or worse? Most cities are always worse during the winter, but apparently, one travel website thinks that a major city in Missouri is better during the winter than any other time of the year.

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According to the travel website, Kansas City, Missouri is on their list of the 12 US Cities That Are Even Better in the Winter. Some of the other cities on this list include Jackson Hole (Wyoming), New Orleans, Miami, and Los Angeles, why does Kansas City make the list? On the site they say...

"If you're willing to brave the notorious midwestern winters (I say: bring it on), you'll find Kansas City a downright delightful winter getaway...get your culture fix at a downtown jazz club Green Lady Lounge or the Kauffman Center... And don't forget about the barbecue. Get your fill of burnt ends and brisket at Q39 and Gates, but make sure to also seek out the city's lesser-known food specialty: cinnamon rolls."

To read more about where to stay, and what to do during the winter in Kansas City just click here!

I have said this on the air, and I will say it here, I personally think traveling to cities in the winter and exploring them is more fun than in the summer. During the summer months, cities can stink from trash, the cities get crowded with tourists, and during the holidays every city always has some fun markets, shows, and winter events going on to explore. I gotta take a trip out to KC this winter!

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