I've heard the whispers and the shares on social media like you probably have, too. Illinois to ban outdoor grilling? The rumors are loosely based on facts, but the jumps of logic defy all known types of gravity and I'll prove it's really nonsense - or at least I hope it's nonsense.

I don't know who owns the pictures, so I won't share them here, but you more than likely have seen some meme or graphic shared on social media that alludes to a potential ban of outdoor grilling in Illinois. Let's all calm down and seek out some facts.

Let's actually start with facts. Yes, the Illinois state fire marshal did issue a statement about outdoor grilling. Does it refer to a ban? NOPE. It's some simple guidelines on how to grill safely when you cook outside. How dare he?

I have a theory about how this "Illinois to ban outdoor grilling" rumor started and it likely began in California (of course). Waste Advantage Magazine reported that late in 2022, there was an effort to ban single-use propane tanks in California. That bill was passed by the California legislature, but was later vetoed by their governor according to the Orange County Register. Even wacky California hasn't completely banned one of the key components of outdoor grilling for many. 

Here's how Illinois came into this rumor. Many (not without precedent) assume that when the government in California does something, Illinois will do the same soon after. While I won't argue politics or this logic, there is simply no truth to any imminent movement to ban outdoor grilling in Illinois.

This doesn't mean it can't or won't happen, but there's zero reason to worry about it if you're an enthusiastic Illinois griller. The sun will come up tomorrow. (I hope)

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