There's a brand new forecast that claims summer will be the coolest in 6 years. That's great, but before you get excited, know that this doesn't seem to apply to Missouri or Illinois and some other weather experts also don't agree.

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I found this new forecast shared by The Weather Channel to be very interesting. It's based off of data shared by Atmospheric G2. Here's an infographic they shared on Twitter which explains how they came to the conclusion that this summer could be the coolest since 2017.

Note on their forecast map, both Missouri and Illinois are in the warmer than normal orange and red areas. Compare what Atmospheric G2 shared compared to the same time period of June, July and August 2023 with the one just shared on May 18, 2023 by the government's Climate Prediction Center.

Infographic, Climate Prediction Center
Infographic, Climate Prediction Center

That is actually potential good news as they now seem to think that the Midwest and Missouri and Illinois in particular should expect normal summer temps. Translation? That means we'll still be burning hot, but not anything extraordinary (or so we hope).

I would encourage you to check out The Weather Channel's share of this new forecast as the data is interesting. Just don't get your hopes up for a big cooldown in Missouri and Illinois for the next few months.

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