As we gear up for the fall weather and, bonfires, and late nights outside you might want to be aware of one of the most dangerous bugs that crave blood.

The Kissing Bug may have a cute name but don't let that not scare you. According to A-Z Animals, the Kissing Bug is something you don't want to mess with.

Kissing bugs are creatures that feed on blood. They’re mostly active during the nighttime. Kissing bugs can grow as big as one inch in length when they’re mature.  Throughout their lives, they eat frequently. Kissing bugs might require a long time to finish their meal as they feed. Bites from kissing bugs typically do not hurt the individual while the bug is eating.

Two words BUG SPRAY. Even though you might not feel the bug bite you there is no way that I want something called the kissing bug sucking the blood out of me. Especially learning that after the bug is done testing off of its host it excretes waste on the host which if that gets into your blood system through a scratch, rubbing your eyes, or open wound, you can potentially get the Chagas illness.  The illness can cause significant heart and intestinal issues if ignored.

So fair warning when out and about just make sure you have plenty of bug spray and maybe if you see this Kissing Bug kill it as before it can taste your blood.

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