As KICK-FM's "resident taco expert," I have the distinct privilege of bringing you all things taco and taco related. And if you, like me, are fans of tacos, and watching athletic competitions, then this is right up your taco alley.

52 Cent Tacos at Taco Bell
Townsquare Media

Taco Bell, aka "Taco Bell," is running a special Super Bowl weekend only. For only 52% of a dollar, you can have a taco. The best part? There's no limit! You can walk in with $10.40 and get 19 tacos, because you still have to pay tax, so maybe walk in with a little more so you can get an even 20. Unless prime, odd numbers are your thing. Then you're all set, you nerd. It's only for the seasoned beef, but you can get both hard and soft shell.

Just as a comparison, I wandered the grocery store aisles tracking down the cost for everything. If you were to go to the store, gather the ingredients and make these yourself, you're looking at $18.98, not including tax, and that doesn't even get into if you want to have guac, sour cream or hot sauce (and yes, you can buy bottles of Taco Bell hot sauce). You're adding another $6.65 on top of that.

If you just buy the sauce, sour cream and the stuff to make guac (avocados and that mix packet), then do the Taco Bell deal... you still come out ahead.

That pic up there, I took that at the Taco Bell near Hobby Lobby, and the sign says it's good for the one on 8th street, too. We also know it'll be good in Hannibal, Macomb, Greenville, Vandalia, Highland and Keokuk, so make sure you get some of those delicious tacos.

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