This morning, we asked you for the one song you would play for a friend to introduce them to the wonderful world of country music. I'm at about my 10th year in country radio, before which I was a rocker going way back. Still am, but working in country radio opened me up to country music, a genre I had largely ignored for most of my life. When they told me "You're gonna host a mid-day country show," my response was "I know absolutely nothing about country beyond Johnny Cash. And even that's mostly because of the movie. I can't tell you the difference between Alan Jackson and Toby Keith." They said I'd learn. And learn I did. But were I to pass this on to someone else, what songs would I use? Here's a handy playlist put together by you, our listeners.

We got quite a few recommendations for Garth Brooks as well, and as much as I would have loved to have included him in the playlist, he's not on any streaming service. So I'll just drop Friends in Low Places down below. Otherwise, you guys put together a solid list. I know there's more out there, but this is a great launching pad.

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