People are leaving the state of Illinois every day but one public school district is seeing their enrollment skyrocket. Why? The answer may surprise, and concern, you...

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According to an article on Chalkbeat Chicago, Chicago Public Schools have seen an increase of over 5,700 students since the beginning of the last school year, and this increase is directly related to the influx of migrants seeking asylum in the Land of Lincoln. In the article, they say...

"More than 5,700 newly arrived immigrant students have enrolled in Chicago Public Schools since the beginning of the school year, district officials said Thursday. Preliminary school enrollment data updated daily on the city data portal and analyzed by Chalkbeat shows overall enrollment increased by 4,500 students since the official count on the 20th day of school in September."

The article goes on to mention how nearly 7,000 students in the Chicago Public School system have been identified as English Language Learners since the start of the last school year, which means now 16% of the students in the Chicago Public School system are trying to learn the English Language. To read more on the influx of migrant students in the Chicago Public School system, click here!

How does this impact your kids...

If your kids are not in the Chicago Public School system it doesn't directly impact your kids, but the state's education budget will certainly have to shift things around to handle this influx of students, which does have an impact on your kids. I will say that I hope that the Chicago Public Schools are making sure that the students who do speak English aren't falling behind as they get their new students up to speed on learning in English and learning in America in general. It is a tough situation to handle, and to me, this provides even more evidence as to why this isn't just a border crisis, this is a country-wide crisis that needs a solution.

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