Reports are saying some migrant buses are stopping in towns in Illinois to drop off before they arrive in Chicago. Is your small town prepared to handle buses of Migrants from the border? Here is what some towns in downstate Illinois are trying to do...

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The Center Square released an article titled "Migrant Influx to Illinois Being Felt in Downstate Communities" The article talks about what certain communities are trying to do to protect their tax-paying citizens from these migrant busses, in the article they say...

"Tens of thousands of migrants have been transported to the state from the southern U.S. border. The city of Chicago reports about 33,000 asylum seekers have arrived since August 2022.  The state of Illinois has provided $640 million to address the migrant influx...Now that Chicago is impounding buses for dropping off migrants, some buses have made the drop off in other communities around the state. McLean County board member Chuck Erickson introduced a measure that would ban the use of county tax dollars to support migrants that may be dropped off in the central Illinois county."

The measure put in place by the McLean County board member did not pass however, to read more about this crisis and what downstate communities are doing to prepare for buses of migrants, click here!

Be Ready

The article goes on to mention how Illinois is one of only 2 states that will provide free healthcare for migrants, as well as the fact that Illinois has the TRUST Act in place which stops local police agencies from contacting US Immigration about possible illegals. All of that teamed up with the fact that the crisis on the border isn't being solved anytime soon is why I believe your small town here in Illinois needs to have plans in place ready to handle migrant busses dropping off in your town. This is no longer just a "Chicago" problem, it is a problem we as an entire state are going to have to face because of the elected leadership in this state.

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