How many people really read a label? A lot more than I guessed apparently as there's now a class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois claiming that a whiskey company's bottles are misleading since they allegedly have no whiskey in them at all.

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ABC 7 in Chicago is reporting that Sazerac Company, Inc. is now being named in a class-action lawsuit that says their mini-bottles of Fireball Cinnamon sold in convenience stores are misleading since they say "whiskey", but contain none.

The lawsuit focuses on the mini Fireball bottles which have a label that says "Natural Whisky Flavors & Other Flavors". The key word is "flavors" while those who filed the lawsuit say that using the word "whiskey" leads one to believe they're getting something they're not.  #FirstWorldProblems

I'm not taking sides and don't care who wins this since I don't drink, but I think it'd be fair to argue that you could detect it's not whiskey if you actually read the label of ingredients and not just the marketing label on the front, but that's just me.

The lawsuit says that the 99 cents paid is more than the plaintiff would have been willing to part with if he/she/it had known there was no whiskey in it. It will be interesting to see what the courts do with this Illinois lawsuit to resolve it.

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