There is a new law in the Land of Lincoln that will allow non-citizens to become police officers. Is this something you are ok with? And what exactly are the details of this law? Here is what you need to know.

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According to WTTW, there is a new law in the Land of Lincoln that will allow non-US citizens to become police officers. On WTTW's site, they say...

"The law will soon allow non-citizens who are both legally eligible to work in the U.S. and authorized to possess firearms under federal law to become police officers and deputy sheriffs. The law extends this opportunity to legal permanent residents and DACA recipients...The bill passed 101–0 in the state House with all Republicans voting in favor, and it passed 100-7 in the state Senate. Still, there’s been a wave of contention on both the national and state level."

To read more about this new law and the impacts of the law click here!

This new law is obviously getting a lot of attention on a national level, even certain presidential candidates are mentioning the new law as a talking point. I will say I just don't understand why these people who are non-citizens who are able to purchase a gun can't also become a citizen while in the police academy. Should the police academy have a branch where it gets these men and women citizenship as they are learning what it takes to protect and serve here in the state of Illinois? Even if it takes longer for them to get through the academy it would be worth it to have these people graduating from the academy as citizens and ready to work as new police officers.

How do you feel about this new law?

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