Are you in favor of letting non-US citizens become police officers? A new bill in Illinois would allow for that to happen...

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According to an article from, there is a proposed bill in Illinois that would allow non-US citizens to become police officers. In the article they say...

"...House Bill 37-51. This proposal would allow people who aren’t U. S. citizens to become police officers in the state. They do have to be in the country with legal authorization to work. Applicants have to meet all other requirements for the job, just not citizenship. That would make DACA recipients eligible. We know police departments across the country are having problems recruiting officers."

I wanted to learn more about this debate and found out that California just passed a law this year allowing non-US citizens to become police officers. An article explaining why California made the law change explained that you could be an officer in the US Military and not be a citizen but not a police officer and so they felt the change made sense, you can read more about California's new law by clicking here!

So where do you stand on this issue? I personally feel as though there if you are committing to protecting and serving the people of this country you should be a citizen yourself. Now, having said that I would say the law should be changed to where IF a non-US citizen passes all the tests and would be a great hire for a new police officer then during part of their training they should also have to become a citizen and could have priority in becoming one.

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