Someone just got added to Santa's Naughty List for the rest of their life.

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An Illinois teen who has been battling a rare blood disease for months was granted his Make-A-Wish. All he wanted was to have his grandfather's truck (who passed away in 2015) restored so he can have it to drive and his wish was granted. However, soon after receiving the truck, it was stolen and now your help is needed to find this truck.

This is more than just a Make-A-Wish gift for the teen, this was his grandfather's truck which was given to the teen after the grandfather's death and means more to him than anything. All the teen wants is his truck back, he doesn't care what condition the truck is in he just wants it back.

I can't imagine having your dream come true and having it taken from you just like that. This teen has been through enough and now has to deal with the loss of not only his Make-A-Wish gift but a gift that was given to him by his grandfather, this story just breaks my heart. Hopefully, the truck is found soon and it's not too damaged.

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