The Illinois Supreme Court will have to answer that very question. The debate rages on since marijuana became legalized in the Land of Lincoln, should a police officer be allowed to search your vehicle based on smelling weed during a traffic stop? Here are the details...

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According to NPR Illinois, the Illinois Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether it is lawful or not for a police officer to conduct a vehicle search if they detect the smell of weed during a traffic stop. In the article on NPR Illinois, they say...

"The Illinois Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday as to whether the smell of cannabis alone is grounds for police officers to search a vehicle, marking a test of the state’s 2020 recreational marijuana legalization law...Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office argued the law requires drivers to transport cannabis in an odor-proof container. Thus, the presence of cannabis odor is grounds for a search, even if the passenger is possessing an amount under the legal limit or has a medical marijuana card."

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Is the Law Fair?

So what is being discussed here, in my opinion, is the law states that you MUST carry your cannabis in an odor-proof container when transporting it, if an officer smells it, you have broken the law and therefore it gives them the ok to search the vehicle. So, is that law a fair law?

My gut says yes, the law is fair, if you drive home with an open alcohol container that's grounds for a vehicle search, why shouldn't the same be for cannabis? Where do you stand on this issue?

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