In my almost 17 years as a licensed driver, I've put nearly 19,000 interstate miles behind me. That doesn't include state and county highways. Just interstate. I know that's not huge for some people, but regular trips between Kansas where my family was and Upper Michigan where I was going to school added up. So I got familiar with the rules of the highway, particularly DON'T just drive in the left lane. It's for passing only. But not enough people know this law, and the Illinois State Police have had enough. At least that's what it sounds like from their "open letter" on Facebook.

Dear Left Lane Lollygaggers,

Illinois law requires while traveling on an interstate you are to stay out of the left lane except when overtaking or passing another vehicle or moving over for a vehicle on the shoulder. This law does not apply to authorized emergency vehicles while engaged in official duties. In short, if you're getting passed on the right, you're wrong.

The Motoring Publi

First of all, as a fan of alliteration, I like "Left Lane Lollygaggers." Second of all, YES! This. 100% this. I actually got pulled over for this in Northwestern Missouri back in January 2006, on my way to Michigan, during the KC to Des Moines stretch. I lingered a bit too long in the left lane, and got pulled over. Cop was nice enough since I was an out of state driver, let me off with a warning. And that warning has stuck ever since, almost 13 years later. I still only hit the left lane if I'm passing.

But slow pokes in the left lane aren't just an annoyance, studies have shown they actually cause more accidents than speeders. So pretty please, Lollygaggers out there... move over to the right lane. It's safer for everyone involved. Yourself included. There's a reason all the signs say "Keep Right Except To Pass," and it's not just so you can get an "X" in the Alphabet sign game

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