Illinois is one of three midwestern states that will be called a future "energy hub" for a futuristic new energy source that will help power our cars and lives. The billion-dollar project is set to begin, where is it happening, and what exactly is it...?

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According to, Illinois, along with, Indiana and Michigan will be the three Midwestern Hubs for a new source of energy. But what exactly is this billion-dollar project that will happen in the Land of Lincoln? In an article on, they say...

"Illinois...will receive $1 billion in federal funding to create an energy network to reduce carbon emissions...The funds are part of a Biden administration plan to create energy hubs — clusters of facilities located in the same geographic area aiming to produce and consume hydrogen — as well as related infrastructure like pipelines...The Midwest Hub will power steel and glass production, heavy-duty transportation and aviation and will produce hydrogen from renewables, gas and nuclear."

The article goes on to mention that hydrogen power is created by separating hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water which creates hydrogen energy, to read more about this click here!

So...needless to say, I have questions. First and foremost, where will these facilities be built in the Land of Lincoln? Also, what kinds of threat will these facilities pose to residents in the area, is it the same type of threat as a nuclear power plant? Could these "hubs" become eventual targets for terrorist attacks to cripple our future energy sources? Plus, how big are these facilities?

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to come off as being against this idea, I think the idea sounds fascinating and I would rather Illinois be a hub than not be a hub, but this just seems so vague...doesn't it?

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