Different regions in the USA have different specialty dishes for Thanksgiving, we Midwesterners are all about casseroles but would you try the Frog Eye Salad popular on Thanksgiving in the Southwestern US?

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I have been spending a lot of time recently trying to find a dish to make special for a Thanksgiving dinner that I am going to this year when I stumbled upon this article from insider.com that breaks down some regional dishes for Thanksgiving from across the country. In the Midwest obviously, we have a love for Casseroles, on much of the East coast the Italian influences make their way into Thanksgiving with things like Manicotti in New York and New Jersey, the article also talks about the popularity of Deep Fried Turkey in Texas or Crab Cakes in Maryland. And then the article mentions a dish called "Frog Eye Salad" in the Southwest and the Western United States, at first I thought "oh no way am I eating frog eyes ever let alone in salad form on Thanksgiving" BUT it actually is a delicious sounding and looking fruit salad with a bad name! In the article they say...

"Frog eye salad may sound bizarre to anyone from the East Coast, but for some people from the West and Southwest regions of America, it's a must-have for Thanksgiving. This sweetened, fruity pasta salad is made with acini di pepe pasta, pineapples, mandarin oranges, Cool Whip, and marshmallow topping."

To see the full article with different recipes from across the country, and to get a better look at a Frog Eye Salad, click here! 

To be honest, that sounds like a delicious side dish/dessert dish to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, I would just suggest if you make it and bring it to a party here in the Midwest just call it a cool whip fruit salad, that way it won't scare people away!

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