A new bill making its way through the legislation in Illinois would protect workers who use legal cannabis, workplace protections for cannabis users.

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According to marijuanamoment.net, there is a bill called House Bill 4116 in Illinois that if passed would put into place workplace protections for legal cannabis users. Basically what this bill would do is protect workers from being fired due to a positive cannabis test or being discriminated against in the hiring process due to a positive test. BUT (and it is an important but) the article goes on to say...

"...workplace protection legislation contains exceptions for certain categories of employees, for example jobs where workers operate heavy machinery or aircraft, carry a weapon, perform emergency services or perform other safety-sensitive tasks. Companies could also still fire employees for being impaired by cannabis while at work."

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I'm not up to date on all the laws in the Land of Lincoln but I will say this, the laws on cannabis use should be almost equal to the laws on alcohol use in this state. When you legalize recreational marijuana in my opinion it should be treated the same as alcohol, don't use and drive, don't show up to work drunk (don't show up to work high), don't operate heavy machinery drunk (don't operate heavy machinery high), etc... The laws surrounding them should go hand in hand in my opinion, can your job fire you for getting an alcohol-related charge I'm not sure, but if they can't they shouldn't be able to do it for a cannabis-related charge either.

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