No wedding ever runs smooth there is always something that pops up that is unexpected, but having a wedding gown disappear well that's more of a horror story.

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A TikTok video has gone viral of a wedding bridal store in Illinois called Kasia's Bridal. In the video, she talks about something she has never seen or heard before when dealing with wedding gowns. A groom called her store frantically trying to rebuy a wedding dress for his fiancee. The store owner was really confused and trying to figure out why this groom was wanting to reorder a custom-made wedding dress 5 months before the wedding.

Through the video, we find out that the groom and the bride's brother were supposed to go into the bride's grandmother's closet (where the bride's dress was hanging) and grab the bride's grandmother's wedding dress because she wanted to be buried in HER wedding dress.

Well, the guys grabbed the wedding dress bag and not the wedding dress box (the correct wedding dress was in the box) and took it to the funeral home. No one noticed the dress on the grandmother at the funeral because it was a closed casket. It wasn't until two weeks later that everyone realized what had happened.

It sounds like the bride had no idea that her grandmother had been buried in her custom-made wedding dress and that her fiancee was frantically trying to replace it without her knowing. In part three of the videos, we find out that the bride was hiding a secret as well.

Food Packages That Are Annoyingly Hard To Open

My wifes fruit snacks, without her hearing me.

Peanut butter…that foil/cardboard seal under the lid.

Getting a straw through a Capri sun

Any box of cereal or cracker’s

baking soda

Velveeta shells & cheese. The foil cheese sauce pouch is hard to get all the cheese out of.

The little pull tab on a bottle of salad dressing.

Pure Leaf tea without spilling it on myself.

Plastic cake container with the clear dome lid. Super noisy to open and if you don't realign it perfectly, you mash it when you close it.

The bag inside cereal boxes.

Individually wrapped cheese sticks

the soda syrup boxes

Freezer sticks when you can't find scissors

Sliced cheese

Sheba cat food tiny portions, two side by side. Can't peel off without getting fingers in cat food! Yikes!

Fruit snacks

It's been about 30 years since I had to open one, but chocolate milk cartons from school lunch

The canned corned beef with the little key that you have to slip in the tab and roll to open.
There has to be another way.

Boetje's mustard...that jar was made for raccoon hands

The peel off aluminum on flavored cream!!! Do they not understand I have to have cream with morning coffee?? I mean c'mon we're jeopardizing lives here if someone effs with my morning coffee!

it's not people food but, dog food bags that have that string sewn into the top strip and you're supposed to tear It off to open it. I could never get it to pull off the way it's supposed to.

The bag inside the cereal box

These new 2 in 1 communion cups! Up there feeling holy then #%@!!!!

Mandarin oranges in little cups

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