My, how I've slipped over the years. Oh sure, I still dream about driving a Shelby Mustang, but instead, it's a minivan.

Today, my family needed the van which left me driving my teen daughter's car. Not a problem, right? You haven't seen the way that my daughter has "decorated" her ride.

First of all, it's a small car. So, after squeezing into the vehicle, that's when it occurs to me that the vehicle is filled with a pink, shag carpet motif. If you're a female teen, I'm sure it's cool; not so much when you're the Dad, having to drive it to work.

Against my better judgement, I decided that I would leave the pink steering wheel cover and matching seat belt pad in place. And of course, I couldn't pull the seat cover off.  It's her car, so I was trying to respect that fact. In my mind, I could see my Father, a battle-hardened Marine, giving me a firm look of disapproval. Despite that, I motored on.

Everything was fine, until I pulled into the local gas station. That's where I ran into some guys I know.  Of course, they had to comment on the "look" of my new ride. I was defenseless. I had no comeback. I swallowed my pride and drove on in the "pink nightmare."

To say the least, it seemed like a long trip to work today. I believe I'll wait until long after dark to make my trip back home.

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