I'm all about safety. I think that for the most part, the traffic flow situation in and around Quincy is pretty good.

There is one exception. The left turn signal onto Broadway from Northbound I-172. That light takes forever to change from red to green. Sometimes, I find it amusing that I have people passing me at much higher speeds on 172, only to catch up with them once we all reach the left turn signal at the top of the exit ramp.

I can almost feel their impatience, when my minivan pulls up behind their expensive imports.  "Yep, I'm the same guy you passed three miles back."

I understand that Quincy and the East Broadway area are growing and expanding, and that's a good thing. However, the left turn signal takes FOREVER, to turn to green, even during low volume traffic times throughout the day.

I'm uncertain if the City or State handles the control of that particular stretch of  roadway, but could someone possibly take a look at shortening up the waiting time?

I was vehicle number three in a line of seven cars all waiting on the ramp for green, while there were huge gaps in the amount of traffic heading East and West on Broadway.

Are you aware of similar traffic situations in the area? Let us know about them here.

I'll most likely, still be waiting for the light to turn...

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