When it comes to beautiful scenic drives in Missouri, apparently one stands tall above the rest, and it is a drive I have never done before!

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I am all for taking a drive, there is nothing better to do when you need to clear your head than jumping in the car and going for a drive. I am always on the lookout for a great drive to take and I think I just found one I need to add to the top of my bucket list.

The website menshealth.com put out a list of the 60 Most Scenic Drives in America, and the one located in Missouri seems like one I can't pass up. The article says that the scenic drive to take in the Show Me State is called the Missouri Ozarks Getaway, I have never heard of this drive before but the website says...

"...go south on 125 from Strafford to the community of Reuters (about 61 miles) before turning west on to U.S. 160. Follow 160 west until it hits Highway 76 (about 24 miles) just east of Forsyth. From there, turn south on 76 and you'll drive about 15 miles to Branson, before connecting with 65 north to Springfield..."

To read more about this drive, and to see their full list of Scenic Drives in America just click here!

I was just looking at this drive on Google Maps and it really takes you through some very rural wooded areas of Southern Missouri, I can only imagine how gorgeous this drive would be during the fall season, but make sure you bring a spare tire, plenty of gas, and avoid bad weather because there aren't many big towns to stop in along this route it looks like!

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