A sports website has come out with a power ranking for the MLB teams on where they stand right now, and I think they totally disrespected the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Let me start by saying for those of you who don't listen to my show, and know my sports fandom, I am a Cubs fan through and through, have been since birth, and will be until I die, that being said, the St. Louis Cardinals have been disrespected.

Bleacher Report has come out with MLB Power Rankings of where the teams stand right now as the season has ended, and before free agency, and I think they got a lot of things right on this list. The Cubs, for example, are ranked appropriately near the bottom in 24th place, they should be near the bottom at the beginning of this rebuild/retooling they are currently in, they also have other teams right like World Series Champion Atlanta Braves at the top spot. BUT then there are my heated rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, I fully expected them to be near the top five or at least in the top 10 but no...They are ranked 14th on the list?!? A team that went on an ungodly tear of wins to end the regular season and make it to the playoffs, a team with a great mix of young players, stars, and legends, why 14th? Well, the article says...

"The offensive core of Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado, Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson is terrific, and the bullpen is loaded with quality arms, but the rotation will require some offseason tinkering."

"The rotation will require some offseason tinkering" THAT is what puts them 14th...wow. I am a big fan of bleacher report for their fantastic NBA reporting but they may want to avoid baseball for a while if they think this way about the St. Louis Cardinals heading into 2022, I'm sorry but there aren't 13 teams better positioned than the Cardinals going into 2022. Do you agree?

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